WYSO's Monks

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Steven Lichak
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Virtual Tour - Museum
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WYSO: Monk and Friar Exhibit Wyso by nature saw humor in life situations as exhibited in many of his artworks. So it is with this "Monk and Friar Exhibit". Wyso had two brothers and a nephew who were monks, and therefore had the deepest respect for the spiritual and prayerful monastic life as depicted in many of his other paintings. However, Wyso with his creativity, originality, and his ability to see humor in many of his subjects, gives us in these 26 selected pieces of work a bit of the humor and light side of monks and friars. For example, we see the be speckled friar at his desk copying a manuscript receiving light from a candle in a lamp while the light bulb is on the desk. We have the rotund friar playing hula hoop with a tiny young girl. We have two bearded monks hand-wrestling, and then two boxing, yet another two playing chess, another playing a harmonica. One will walk away from this exhibit with delightful lightness, a bit of humor, and an appreciation of Wyso's originality.