How to use my credits? What is the Credits Exchange rules?
You can use you credits to download Virtual Tour Elements, you may also accumulate your credits to exchange Easypano products:
Learn more Credits rules
I can’t unzip the file. Why?
All the resources are packed into ZIP or RAR files. Please make sure you’ve installed the right program to unzip them. Re-downloading the file often resolves the problem. If it persists, please report to Easypano Customer Service Team.
What should I do with these resources?
It is suggested that all the files be saved in the specified folders as suggested on the Download page.
How often will you renew the resources?
Every week, 3-5 files per category will be uploaded by Easypano to EP-Sky, and we hope we can offer more. In addition, with the contribution of all the Easypano members, more and more resources will be available.
There are only few features on the skin. Why?
As we all know, different users have different requirements of the features, so we’ve just added some frequently used features to the skin. You can re-edit the skin in Tourweaver based on your own requirements, and you can also leave your comments on the skin page. We will collect the feedbacks from time to time and our fine artists will offer you the best they can.
I hope to be able to customize some of the resources, you could help me?
I’m sorry that we don’t offer customization service, but you may leave your comments and suggestions on our website. We will do our best in providing you with better resources for Easypano products.
Do I need to register for the member of EP-Sky if I’m already Easypano member?
No, you don’t need to register again. You account for Easypano User Panel is also for EP-Sky.
I can’t see my resources on the home page of EP-Sky after I’ve uploaded them successfully. Why?
Thank you for sharing your works at EP-Sky. For the sake of better experience of all EP-Sky users, we will look through all the submitted resources within 24 hours, and your resources will display on the home page if they are approved. For those that fail to get approval, they will be listed in your account and the reasons being rejected will also be listed along them.
The possible reasons that your resources are rejected.
(1) Repeated contents.
(2) Image with the resolution lower than 600*400 or any orphanage image.
(3) Damaged contents, unable to open; inconsistency of the preview image and the content.
(4) Meaningless title or subject, like 1111 and asdfasdf.
(5) The contents are not related to Easypano products.
(6) The submitted contents need password.
(7) Any content that fails to abide by the international laws.
Can I modify my resources after they have been approved?
Yes. You can modify your resources in you account, but all the modified resources will be reviewed again before they get published on EP-Sky.
If I forget my password, how can I get it back?
If you forget your password, you can retrieve your password on Sign In page by clicking Forgot Password. You can also contact Easypano Customer Service Team for help.
My questions are not listed here.
Please contact support@easypano.com or submit a ticket at Easypano Help Desk.