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EP-Sky, a newly revised platform by Easypano, provides you with FREE virtual tour elements for Easypano virtual tour product, Tourweaver and the panoramic community to upload and share your own panoramic images and virtual tours. The New EP-SKY integrated ieasypano and previous EP-SKY together and starts the redeem credits system. Now, you can not only download virtual tour elements as before, you may also share panorama and virtual tour at Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. You can post your favorite panorama as you want, find and follow other friends with common interests. Besides, you can exchange your accumulated credits for more Easypano virtual reality products.

On the new EP-sky, you can download virtual tour elements, such as Skins, Buttons, Hotspots, Loading bars, Thumbnails, and upload and share panoramic images and virtual tours. With the help of all these free services, you will find it is much easier and more time saving to create your own fantastic virtual tour with the low learning curve virtual tour product.

About how to exchange products with redeemed credits, please refer to EP-Sky Credits
About how to make and upload skin, please refer to How to make virtual tour skin
How to use virtual tour elements; please refer to virtual tour elements video tutorial

It would be highly appreciated to tell us what you feel and what you think of using this new service. We will take all your suggestions seriously and do our best in providing all the virtual tour lovers with the best free services.

In the same sky, we create, share, talk about, comments on the same virtual tour, which makes our worlds a wonderland.
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EP-Sky is always looking for design news, sponsors, and guest writers. If you’d like to reach us, feel free to send an email to: