How to use EP-SKY
How to upload
How to share
How to download
How to Upload
Introduction – 4 easy steps to upload panoramas, virtual tour and virtual tour elements to EP-sky, and every uploaded work will receive its Bonus Credits.
  • Click Upload button at homepage or section page.
  • Select the upload type.
    There are three types of works that you may upload: Panoramic Images, Virtual Tours, and Virtual tour elements (including virtual tour skin for tourweaver, icons of buttons, flash thumbnails, hotspots, radar and progress bar).
    Please select the upload type:
  • Edit Title, Category, Thumbnail*, Description, Select File and set the Download Credits**(only apply to virtual tour elements)
  • Submit your finished panoramic images, virtual tours, or virtual tour elements to EP-sky. After your works approved, you can view your panorama and virtual tours through EP-sky online viewer and directly share them to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

    Note: * Thumbnail: Required when uploading virtual tour and virtual tours elements **Download Credits: You can customize the Required Credits for downloading your works, ranging from 1-10 credits, and you will gain Credits accordingly from each download by other users. (Only apply to virtual tour elements)
How to Share
Sharing your works is quite easy on EP-sky; just by clicking the share buttons at the bottom of the image can you quickly share your works to Facebook, Twitter and Google+
The virtual tour shared on Facebook, which can directly viewed by your friends.
How to Download
You can go to each element page and click to download various types of elements which is essential for your virtual tour creation with Tourweaver. The virtual tour elements include Virtual tour Skins, progress bar, button, hot spot and flash thumbnail.

On EP-sky, the original virtual tour elements can be uploaded to gain Redeem Credits which can be used to download other users shared resources or exchange virtual reality products. Credits will be deducted from your Easypano account according to uploader customized credits, ranging from 1 to10. Every Easypano user has an account with initial 50 Credits. About Credits rules, please read Credits Exchange rules.

Note*: Only virtual tour elements are allowed to be downloaded, panoramic images and virtual tours downloading are not allowed because of copyright protection.

Tips: About how to use virtual tour elements; please refer to virtual tour elements video tutorial To make virtual tour skin, please visit How to make virtual tour skin

In the same sky, we create, share, talk about, comments on the same virtual tour, which makes our worlds a wonderland.

All uploaded works will be reviewed and subjected to the final approval by Easypano (3-5 days). Don’t be hesitate, come on to join us now! http://sky.easypano.com/