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Jing Dai
Jing Dai 2017-09-05:
Nice skin, very elegant
Mauricio Muñoz
Mauricio Muñoz 2017-05-15:
muy util
Smith Sebastian
Smith Sebastian 2016-10-04:
Plain, simple, professional.
Marek Gierczak
Marek Gierczak 2016-09-21:
Good job! Looks great and presented very nicely!
kim sukh
kim sukh 2016-05-10:
i want it also!!!
Joey Wong
Joey Wong 2016-04-22:
i love ur work thanks you so much.... xdxd :d:d ^^"
Chris Rod
Chris Rod 2015-12-21:
Very nice and professional looking. A question about the map. Is it a fixed size or can it be made smaller? Please let us know. Thanks!
Dora Oz
Dora Oz 2015-10-11:
I want it again
Cristian Rus
Cristian Rus 2015-03-09:
this one seems to be perfect.
Dora Oz
Dora Oz 2015-01-27:
The design is beautiful, but is there a way to change the button's text?
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