panoramic view of Jinshan Peasant Painting Village

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Jinshan peasant painting village is located in Jinshan District of Shanghai Feng Jing Town, Hong Village, is a scenic spot including peasant paintings research, creation, exhibition, collection, distribution, and certification in one of the rural landscape. Jinshan peasant painting village covers a total area of 4,500 acres, is divided into "Dan people", "shanty people", "boat dwellers", "Tao Heung people", "Feng Jing people". Major attractions and rides are: Jinshan peasant painting exhibition, farm pond fishing, "slack Garden" children's play, peasant painter living creation room 5, slack grass Gallery leisure, youth plaza Phone 021 -67355555 Address: Zhu Feng Road, Feng Jing Town, No. 1599