Yuhua Shengjing 360 virtual panorama

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Yuhua shengjing (Yuhua Fairy Land) is the largest tourists’ attraction in Dongshan forest park, where is oldest and most beautiful. The Scenic area covers 500 acres, and the trails are 7500 m long directly leading you to Moli Peak. Now there are over one hundred precious old trees growing over a century, and 20 various preserved monuments since Ming and Qing Dynasty. Yuhua shengjing is the history museum of ancient architectural art, sculpture, calligraphy art in Dongshan scenic spot. Yuhua scenic are named from the Ming Dynasty, in late spring, when the mountains are filled with fully blossomed peach, the petals falling down like flower rain from heaven and the scenic thus got its name as ‘Yuhua’(literally means rain flower). There are totally eighteen scenic landscape have been built and opened to public. Address: Yuhua Shengjing, Yuhua Tai, Dong Shan, Suzhou, Wuzhong District