Yang Ancestral Memorial Virtual panorama

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Yang Ancestral Memorial Yang Ancestral Memorial is located in the northeast side of Tuojiang River. Originally built in 1836, it covers an area about 770 sq meters. The elaborate structure and considerable design makes Yang Ancestral Memorial as an outstanding building till now. Whole of this family temple features the special ethnic characters and the high value in architecture field. This temple is a wood-made courtyard with two floors, consisting of the gate, opera stage, corridors, main hall and subsidiary rooms. It is strongly showing the local tradition and carving art of architecture. Currently it is the cultural site under the county-level protection. Yang family was the second largest family in the Fenghuang Ancient Town. It is said that people with family name ""Yang"" are descendents of the famous patriotic Yang family in Song Dynasty. Yang Ancestral Memorial is the best preserved temple in Ancient Phoenix City. "