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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Dreams on water – two rivers and four lakes in Guilin refers to Li river , Taohua river and Ronghu lake ,Shahu lake ,Guihu lake , Mulong lake which from Dream Tour of Guilin Water SystemWater-tour of Guilin started in tang dynasty and was popular in song dynasty ,when there were many lakes and ponds here and there in Guilin city , and the water system was very developed. People could enjoy all the well-known scenic spots by a small boat. However ,with the changes of times, the “two rivers and four lakes ” were cut off , the Guilin Water System was fragmented and the water quality was worsened. In 1998, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Administration carried out the “Two River and Four Lakes” project: connecting the rivers and lakes, greening the hills and cleaning the water, cleaning the slit and dirt, drawing water into lakes, building the roads, putting up the bridges, greening up and beautifying, cultural construction, etc. This project has not only resumed and expanded the old Guilin water system, improved the ecological environment of the city center area and developed the grade and quality of the city, but the pleasure boats have also been sailing on the water of the city again. The recreational landscape which is superb in China can be compared well with the special water-tours in the cities like the “water city ” Venice, the Seine River Paris and the Amsterdam canal. "