Tianmu Lake Mountain Resort 360 panotour

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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The Tianmu Lake Mountain Resort covers an area of 300 square kilometers, which includes the two national-level large-scale reservoirs of Shahe and Daxi. The two reservoirs are located in the branch-range of the Tianmu Mountain, which seem like two bright pearls embedded in the land of Liyang when seen from up in the air. The water of the Tianmu Lake originates from the Nanshan District o¬n the borders of the three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. The gullies with an area of 250 square kilometers converge into the lake. The land part of the lake area is andesite rocks (dark groundmass) and limestone rocks with a low topography. The lake is surrounded by mountains with clear water. There are many zigs and zags in the lake bank and the lake is dotted with large and small islands. The area has exotic flowers and grass with gorgeous colors and wild life inhabiting and reproducing there, which forms a complete and harmonious ecological mechanism. Fragrant tea, sweet water and fresh fish head form the three wonders and are the essence of the Tianmu Lake. The tea garden around the lake is permeated with fragrant smell of tea. The exquisitely made Shahe Osmanthus, Nanshan Shoumei and Shuixi Cuibai have become the national, provincial and municipal famous tea. The lake water retains the purity and mineral elements of the natural mountain spring. Through the survey and evaluation of the Jiangsu Provincial Environment Protection Department, it has reached the national second-class drinking water source quality standard. The lake is rich in fishes, especially the large grey carps, which are the ingredients of the “Shahe Fish Head” with a unique flavor. “Shahe Fish Head” is a wonder of the Tianmu Lake and forms its unique dining culture. Many of the state leaders and diplomatic envoys and their wives from seven two nations all have savored this soup and gave high praise to it.