The Hangzhou Wild Animal World virtual tour

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"The Hangzhou Wild Animal World In Eastern china, this Hangzhou Wild Animal World is the largest. It covers a space of about 3500 mu and it attracts hordes of tourists from all over the world including China. The animals are seen to enjoy their lives in a perfectly natural ambience and the Park is based upon the idea that humans and animals should share the earth equally. The design and style of the Hangzhou Wild Animal World is magnificent and what is most intriguing is that it features some of the most rare and endangered animal species of this world. The science education system that the Park employs is enriching for all and there are some fascinating animal shows that are informative as well as amusing. There are plenty of lions, leopards, swans golden monkeys whose feats will keep you entertained through the entire day. The Park has several walking areas and driving areas and is a pleasant place to be for the entire day with your family. You will be amazed to see the manner in which the endangered and the threatened animal species are taken care of in the Hangzhou Wild Animal World. In 2004, a white lion cub called Tao Tao was born in the park under the careful observations of several doctors. The Hangzhou Wild Animal World is not only a place of entertainment. You can learn from it a lot about loving and preserving the wildlife that is spread around you."