Tentou Ecological Area 360 VRpano

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"360 Panoramas of Ninbo Tentou Ecological Area Tengtou ecoligical area is not blessed with favorable natural conditions may be raising its inhabitants' consciousness. Its low altitude and accompanying rainfall means its farmland is often submerged. Barely making any profit from farming, most villagers simply neglected the land. To better utilize it, the village authority bought the land from villagers for RMB 550 per mu (one mu equals one-fifteenth of one hectare). And in 1986 the village founded an agricultural company in a bid to develop industrial agriculture. First, they tried on a ""3D eco-farming"" based on the theory of ecological chain. Villagers built a three-layer framework, with the upper layer for grape cultivation, the middle for bird breeding, and the lowest for raising fish. The logic was the upper vines sheltered the area from heat and sunlight; the fallen grapes served as food for birds and worms, and the birds' waste fed the fish. Officials from the UN showed interest in such a model during their visit to Tengtou and they praised the locals' efforts to advance ecological agriculture. After a comprehensive assessment, the UN officials granted the Global 500 Award for Environmental Achievement to Tengtou, a great honor viewed with much pride by the locals. Second, the Tengtou authority launched projects in cooperation with universities and research institutions to adopt advanced technologies and introduce more efficiency to agricultural production. Various plantations yielding fruit, vegetables, flowers, cultivated seedlings and plant tissue have been established. "