Tai Lake Source Scenic Spot 360 virtual panorama

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Tai Lake Source Scenic Spot 360 Virtual Tour Tai Lake Source Scenic Spot is located south the Hangzhou Linan Tanmu mountain the foothill, raises Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces Shanghai two province city billion people the vast Tai Lake's source to be located in scenic area prominent peak Ma Jiangang, the scenic area therefore acquires fame. The scenic area is situated at the subtropics monsoon area, died at the age of the rain water abundantly copious, the air is moist, has provided the good natural condition for plant's growth. The scenic area vegetation coverage fraction is 96.3%, the floristic component is rich, acer trifidum, carya, gingko, azalea, Chinese wisteria and so on wild landscape plant world-wide mountains and plains. Because the forest is luxuriant, the vegetation is primitive, therefore the Tai Lake source has also become a wild animal's heaven. In the scenic area is living 70 many kinds of beasts, 140 many kinds of birds, 40 many kinds of crawling class animals, 1800 many kinds of insects, in which like Pere David's deer, the serow, the macaque, black ji, Bai Peng, the sparrow hawk, the vulture 鸮, the cuckoo and so on all receives the national protection. The Tai Lake source scenic spot is the canyon terrain, ten mile long Gu Longxu the canyon is the main scenic spot. In the canyon the precipice towers facing each other, the green hill is continuous, the greenery create shades, the wild flower is brilliant, the clear brook long song, the waterfall flies flows swiftly, primitive is naturally its main characteristic. The scenic area landscape is multitudinous, the characteristic is bright: Long Xubi, thousand ancient measure of length cliffs reach to the sky, the imposing manner is broad; Is drunk the flowered waterfall, the rope made of twisted bamboo strips 漈 water dance thousand postures, the beautiful fascinating' winsome is charming; Cloud blue deep pool, double Longtan Shui Qingru mirror, lonesome and quiet profound; Has the wild macaque to jump Yu You a trail, but accompanies the line with the tourist. "