Spirit habitat Cave 360 degree photo

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Spirit habitat Cave Spirit habitat Cave is located in China Excellent Tourism City -, Jiande City Shiping rural territory, composed of cloud three holes, Margaret Lingquan breeze and spiritual habitat maze. Close spirit habitat shengjing, since the opening up of domestic and foreign tourists, has received more than 400 million people. In 1992, Spirit habitat shengjing was the Ministry of Construction as advanced units of the National Scenic Area; 1993, the second session of the national scenic cave meeting held here, the experts unanimous praise spirit habitat shengjing Scenic Area ""inside the cave is a fairyland, on the outside garden ""; the 1997 Spirit habitat shengjing the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Construction awarded the honorary title of Zhejiang Province outstanding attractions building. The honorary title, so the spirit habitat shengjing, Scenic famous, legendary."