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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Shuangxi Drifting The Tiaoxi Stream near the Double Stream Town of the Yuhang district is a paradise for rafting. This section of the stream attracts visitors with its three major features. The stream is uniquely clear. Floating on a raft on the stream, which empties into the Taihu Lake, enables one to see fish swimming in the water in some sections of the stream. The brook has many rapids. Rafting on the stream, one can fall down some falls, the highest of which is 3 meters in height. In big splashes and thundering noise, the raft surges down the stream, bringing adventurous and thrilling moments. The stream is flanked by bamboo groves heavily and thickly. For ten kilometers along the Tiaoxi Stream are bamboo groves. Moving among the fresh greens, one feels as if it were a paradise."