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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Shipu Old Town Virtual Tour Enjoy the panoramas of Shipu Old Town to start your trip there. You’ll find Shipu Old Town on the southern edge of ‘Elephant Mountain Peninsula’ (Xiangshan Bandao), and it’s one of Jiangsu Province’s famous historical ‘living fishing towns’ with over 600 years of history. Shipu was founded beside a mountain and next to the sea, thus the local ancient people said, “The city is on the dock; the mountain is in the city.” It sounds like crazy-speak, but it’s very, very old so what do you expect? One edge of the city is a bona fide fishing port, and the opposite side is buried deep within the mountain foothills, with the city walls being built around the fluctuations of the base rock. The city’s stone steps fluctuate like waves in a rock ocean, and after a day’s walking you’ll feel the benefit in your tight buns. The oldest streets in Shipu are Wanxing Jie, Fujian Jie, Zhong Jie, Hou Jie and Yanchang Jie. Zhong Jie (‘Middle Street’) was built in the Ming Dynasty and is considered Shipu’s most famous and most bustling commercial street; most of the shops and houses on either side are made of wood, and around every 50m or so along the street you will find ‘Yuedongmen’ style protective walls – effectively barriers against wind and fire. Also in the town you’ll find the Chenghuang Temple, just on a hillside, recognizable by its wooden façade, and additionally, some great seafood restaurants! Add: Xiangshan Bandao, Shipu Old Town, Ningbo Admission: 60 RMB Opening times: 07:30-19:00 Getting there: Take a coach from Ningbo’s south bus terminal all the way to Shipu East Station, then take the 1, 2 or 9 bus to the old town "