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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Shanjuan Cave Scenic Area, which is o¬ne of the 4A level scenic areas in China, has been showed before tourists' eyes. There are garden, amusement park, pottery bar, cable and ropeway in this new scenic. There are three famous Steles and magic clouds, especially those 235 kinds of different plants, in which Yinlu plum is the most famous o¬ne, that make this scenic area more attractive. Right behind the cave is the reading place of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai who are called the Chinese Romeo and Juliet. The ancient scenic-Yuantong Attic has been rebuilt. Around the attic, there are advanced cable and ropeway. What’s more, the stimulate amusement program will make you forget to return. Behind this pleasant paradise, the Luoyan Villa Restaurant will offer you good services. If you come to YiXing, you must come to visit our Shanjuan Cave Scenic Area which is quite famous in Yixing Province and even of the world. It is better to see than hear. There are altogether four caves: the upper cave, the middle cave, the lower cave and the back cave. The middle cave is the entrance. o¬n the rock wall are poems by Zhong Liquan and nine other poets of the Tang dynasty, and the calligrapher of the Liang dynasty Tao Hongjing's seal characters of “Bewildering World and Fairyland”. The upper cave is also named “the warm cave”, the lower cave “the waterfall cave”, and the back cave “the water cave”. Just outside the cave is “Bixian Buddhist Convent”, where the story of Liang Shiwei took place according to legend.