Qinhu National Wetland Park 360 panotour

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Qinhu is also called Magpie Lake, which is 1.4 km long from east to west and 1.5km from south to north. It looks like a jade pendant, with the area of around 2.1 square kilometers. Standing at a higher position, you may see there are only mainly nine rivers extending at all directions in the lake district, forming a fantastic natural scene of “nine dragons worshiping God”. Qinhu has a wide lake surface and proper depth, where there are various water amusements.Typha angustifolia on the island in the lake is very thick and wild ducks float around the boat. Qinhu has clean stream and the water is as flat as a mirror. It is rich in green food all the year round, such as, lotus root, smooth luffa, and so on. At daytime, that boats sail as if dancing, and in the night, lights of fishing boats come into eyes over Qinhu is very fascinating.