Qianzhang yougu 360 degree panorama

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Camera Equipment: Nikon, Sigma 8MM       Panorama software Panoweaver 8 Professional Edition
There is a small wooden bridge over the Han Fei river, a tea bucolic, with double peaks on both sides, as the gesture of welcome. Bamboo extend all the way to the valley, stands on both sides of cliffs, inside the valleys there are strange rocks, water flowing down splash, bamboo extend all the quiet way. Going through caves, and climb the cliff, walking stone paths, along with "the Father of life", "the Mother of life", the iron wall, dragon bed, soaring up into the sky, camel ontributing treasures, Golden Monkey giving out peach, three elephant bathing, Mandarin Duck pond, Wolong cave and many other landscapes. Thousands of mountains shows themselves, myriad contention stream, allowing visitors to have a taste of the sensce become the pursuitors of eco-tourism tourists as ideal. Visitors tour on one hand, while the plot of the play review of Jin Yong martial arts can be immersive, recalling to excting experience of hero on the other. Tourists, if feeling tired, can turn in Wolong Hotel, Condor Cottage, and taste the Buddha Longjing ,or streaping small Jingsheng, with eating chicken Chuk Yuen and enjoy paradise. Keywords: Han Fei river myriad contention stream eco-tourism