Qiandao Lake Baiyun Stream Drifting Virtual panora

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Panoramic View of Qiandao Lake Baiyun Stream Drifting. The best tourist season is September to November, an invigorating autumn climate, the average temperature in the 12 - 18 ℃, little rain. Hangzhou is the largest portal Qiandao Lake, take the bus to Qiandao Lake, starting from Hangzhou, the most convenient.3, Qiandao Lake drifting period for each year from April to October, when starting out, it is best to bring a set of clean clothes, the replacement for the boat, while the best carrying a pair of plastic slippers, for on board wear; drift process must be carried out in accordance with the rules of attraction, if capsized, you do not need to panic, to calm, because you have to wear a life jacket.4, the tourism golden week Qiandao Lake accommodation will be more nervous, advises tourists booking in advance, Qiandao Lake tourism pier has a group specializing in soliciting people, are middle-aged women, there are small shops and kiosks, all kinds of, not to inquire and consulting, are these wraps can be bad, you to bleed. If you can find a travel agent or travel advisory Taiwan Normal will be better. The most important thing is to go to the Qiandao Lake to eat fish, but to eat organic fish authentic (not easy, fishing and fish restaurant more authentic courtyard.5, Qiandao Lake is mountainous, safety first, especially the old people and children. "