Phoenix's Island Ecological Tourist Zone 360 pano

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Phoenix 's island ecological tourist zone lies within the boundaries of east suburb Tai'an Town of Yangzhou, o¬nly 10 kilometers from it to urban area of Yangzhou . It joins with Beijing-Hangzhou Canal and ancient canal intersection in the southwest, adjoins the Shaobo Lake in the north, faces Jiangdu each other through the river in east and have the praise of "seven rivers eight islands". Phoenix 's Island Ecological Tourist Zone Features "seven rivers eight islands" including the rivers and lakes, they link to each other, water and haven face each other, the grass is deep and the forest is dense o¬n the island, miscellaneous flowers are o¬n trees; the reed catkins is flown upward by water, birds chase; vessels prolong o¬n the lake and fishing song is in the late, it is the lake type wetland view of natural ecological environment of the Huaihe River plain being kept most intact. The second stage of project plan to construct the ecological travel resort, " Ant Kingdom " theme garden, wild animals park & wild botany, rural folk craft workshop group, amusement o¬n water, etc.