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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Peach Blossom Village is located in the center of scenic Tao Huayu, covers an area of about two square kilometers, where the tree-lined stream bridges, quiet environment, good place for leisure rest. Xinghuang Flag, red lanterns, hero song, so you could feel like being in the martial arts and cultural world; pharmacists Abode, Jingge home, Ronger tea, let you appreciate a taste of Jin Yong's novels ""Love"", ""edge"" and ""righteousness"" of the essence. Fillip peak shaped like a the pop-up thumb from the hands, such as the sword inserted down at the beach, located in the ""ghost ax dissatisfied"" place, Koho ​​stands, sliced ​​ax, cliffs, breezy. From the inscriptions on the fingertips before the peak, you can see 600 years ago, the Yuan Dynasty writer Wu Lai came to this point, focus on praise fillip rock peaks surrounding peaks and views. Tower Bay Sands resort: the center is the golden sands of the southeast island, Wei Hai city ,Bai Que Temple, Tower Bay Mirror Lake, Longtan curtain strung together a group of other tourist attractions. Pearl of the East China Sea in the area within the Pearl Beach Tower Bay beach, the long after the waves impact, honed into a 80 cm diameter stone balls, called the ""East Sea God"" Keywords:Peach Blossom Village the martial arts and cultural world Pearl of the East China Sea "