Nantong Museum 360 virtual panorama

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Nantong Museum is seated on the bank of pretty Haohe River, founded by Zhang Jian, forerunner of Chinese modernism and Number One scholar of late Qing Dynasty in 1905. It is the earliest museum in China . The original area was 35 mu with a collection of various exhibits including four categories as natural products, history, fine art and education, displayed in southern and northern sections, and some big ones outdoors. There grew trees and grasses, birds and animals to parallel with the indoor exhibits.This garden style offered an exquisite, elegant and light atmosphere. The idea of museum in garden manifested an original notion of establishment of the founder. The Museum was claimed the National Major Protected Historical and Cultural Site by the State Council in 1988. In March 1938, Nantong Museum was turned to be a stable by the Japanese invaders and greatly damaged. With only few remained, most of the exhibits were robbed or destroyed. It was not until the founding of new China the Museum came to life.