Nanping village 360 panoramic view

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Located 4 kilometers southwest to the town of Yixian County, Nanping village gets its name from the Nanping Mountain in the south of village which is like a protective barrier of Nanping village. This great and ancient village was built firstly during the period of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Thousands of villagers of Ye, Cheng and Li clans dwell in this village and till now eight well-preserved ancestral halls on behalf of family power still stand in Nanping. Nanping village features well-preserved ancestral halls and is often the shooting location of films and televisions, such as the Chinese movie “Ju Dou” directed by Zhang Yimou. In these years, some structures left by the film crews become another picturesque scene in Nanping. “Kuiguang Hall” and “Xuzhi Hall” are both magnificent constructions in the village, while “Shensi Hall” and “Bingling Hall” are constructed in simple and elegant styles. Strolling in Nanping you can find ancient trees scattered anywhere and bridges of many years lie down silently, as if telling an old tale of the history. It is counted that there are 72 ancient allays, crossing one after another through walls and buildings. Everything seems to be endowed in mysterious atmosphere. "