Nan Song Stone Carving Park Panoramic view

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"360 Degree Panorama of Nan Song Stone Carving Park Invested with over 30 million yuan, Nan Song Stone Carving Park was completed after one years construction, and has opened to the public during the National Day holiday. In Chinese history, the stone carvings are mostly seen in Buddhism Grottos and Royal Cemeteries. However, the South Song Dynasty is an exception. It’s because the emperors of that time lost their territory in the north but still dreaming of being buried in the royal cemetery of Song Dynasty in Henan after their death. Therefore, grand stone carvings of royal cemeteries during the South Song Dynasty became a blank in the history. And now this blank can be placed by the cemeteries of prime ministers in the South Song Dynasty which were found by Dongqian Lake and the surrounding areas. The stone carvings discovered in the cemeteries of Shi Hao, Shi Miyuan, Zheng Qingzhi and Shi song, 4 most important prime ministers during the South Song Dynasty, are the biggest in both scale and amount, and the most exquisite of its kind China. Phone: 0086 574-88401022 Location: Yinzhou, Ningbo Municipality, Zhejiang Province Address:Tourism Holiday Resort, Dongqianhu, Yinzhou District "