Mount Huangshan Mountain scenic 360 travel

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Mount Huangshan Huangshan (China), one of the world famous scenic tourist attractions in southern anhui province, is located in HuangShanShi. The summit, at an altitude of 1864 meters. Mount huangshan in subtropical monsoon climate, because of the high mountain valley, climate change is vertical deep. Due to the north and south slope at by the sun radiation difference on the local climate, topography, clouds play a leading role, humidity and precipitation of climatic characteristics. Mount huangshan sets of mountains. Mount tai, huashan mountain of the mighty, the cloud of lushan mountain, hengshan waterfalls, the perfect stone, emeishan yandangshan the beautiful, huangshan are both. Ming travelers, geographers xu two swimming, huangshan said: ""mount huangshan mountain GuanZhi, there is!"" Keep back again, ""one not return from whence huangshan. More ""qiqi mountain"". Don't say no, no stone peak, neither loose, and not to loose and hot in huangshan four who. Secondly, three waterfalls, 16 lake springs, twenty-four brook shine like the '. Spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons different view. Mount huangshan also both ""and"" natural zoo where there, the botanical garden plants, animals, 500 nearly 1500. Mount huangshan climate, summer resort is unique, and ingeniously state-level scenic resort. In 1985, the national top 10 scenic spots in December 1990 by UNESCO listed on the world culture and natural heritage of China, is the first as a cultural and natural heritage double the listed. In February 2004 world geological parks. Famous international and world. There are many ancient poetry in the huangshan. On May 8, 2007, the national tourism administration HuangShanShi huangshan approval for national 5A grade scenic spots."