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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Mount Hua 360 Panorama Let’s Climb and enjoy amazing scenery of Mountain Hua with 360 virtual tours. Mount Hua is located near the southeast corner of the Ordos Loop section of the Yellow River basin, south of the Wei River valley, at the eastern end of the Qin Mountains, in southern Shaanxi province. It is part of the Qin Ling Mountain Range that divides not only northern and southern Shanxi, but also China. The Summits Traditionally, only the giant plateau with its summits to the south of the peak Wuyun Feng (Five Cloud Summit) was called Taihua Shan (Great Flower Mountain). It could only be accessed through the ridge known as Canglong Ling (Dark Dragon Ridge) until a second trail was built in the 1980s to go around Canglong Ling. Three peaks were identified with respective summits: the East, South, and West peaks. The East peak consists of four summits. The highest summit is Zhaoyang Feng (Facing Yang Summit, i.e. the summit facing the sun). Its elevation is reported to be 2096.2 meters and its name is often used as the name for the whole East Peak. To the east of Zhaoyang Feng is Shilou Feng (Stone Tower Summit), to the south is Botai Feng (Broad Terrace Summit) and to the west is Yunű Feng (Jade Maiden Summit). Today, Yunű Feng considered its own peak, most central on the mountain. The South peak consists of three summits. The highest summit is Luoyan Feng (Landing Goose Summit), with an elevation of 2154.9 meters. To the east is Songgui Feng (Pines and Junipers Summit), and to the west is Xiaozi Feng (Filial Son Summit). The West peak has only one summit and it is known as Lianhua Feng () or Furong Feng, both meaning Lotus Flower Summit. The elevation is 2082.6 meters. With the development of new trail to Hua Shan in the 3rd through 5th century along the Hua Shan Gorge, the peak immediately to the north of Canglong Ling, Yuntai Feng (Cloud Terrace Peak), was identified as the North peak. It is the lowest of the five peaks with an elevation of 1614.9 meters. "