Ma Ao museum 360 degree photo

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Ma Ao museum is located in White Horse Street, the western end of the town Ma Ao, Built in 1998, and building area of ​​1260 square meters. The archaeological museum has a collection of more than 200 pieces of unearthed cultural relics, there are large Neolithic stone plow, fine grinding ritual - chisel shaped device, a rare day off the stone - stone meteorites, there are exquisite folk heritage, etc. Show the islander's living, production, seasonal, etiquette, culture and other customs, maritime cultural atmosphere,and is very informative, entertaining and educational. Ma'ao town has rich tourism resources and cultural heritage. Six thousand years of history and cultural heritage, rich cultural and natural landscape, so it has developed the theme of the ancient culture and the unique tourism resources. The only township-level museum of the province - Museum Ma'ao has collection of unearthed numerous stone artifacts, exhibiting the life and history people of the island six thousand years ago. Changchun Ridge holiday village, Evergreen leisure tourist area, summer hat every mound of ancient cultural sites parks and some other tourist attractions and scenic are under development and construction; as for the provincial historical and cultural protected areas, protection and development work has been fully implemented. Keywords: Ma Ao museum archaeological museum rich tourism resources and cultural heritage numerous stone artifacts "