Linyin Temple

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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With history of more than 1,600 years, Lingyin Temple is a Buddhist temple situated in the northwest of Hangzhou. Lingyin in Chinese literally means the soul's retreat so that the temple also can be named Temple of Soul's Retreat. Nestled between Feilai Peak and Beigao Peak, Lingying Temple is one of very best known temples south of Yangtze River. Over 1,600 years, the temple has been both damaged and rebuilt for many times. Through two renovations in 1956 and 1975, Lingyin Temple formed its present scale. The layout of Lingyin Temple is very similar with other temples in Jiangnan region. The axis of the temple lines up three main halls: Hall of the Heavenly Kings, Great Hall of the Great Sage and Hall of the Medicine Buddha.