Liangzhu Culture Park virtual tour

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"Liangzhu Culture Park The story of Liang and Zhu is one of the four folklores in our country which people have been taking delight in talking about and has a reputation at home and abroad. In Korea, Japan, Europe and America, the story of Liang and Zhu is reputed as the oriental version of the famous play ""Romeo and Juliet"". The temple of Liang Shanbo, which was built in 397, has a history of more than 1600 years. Over the years of instability, the temple experienced rise and fall. With the temple of Liang Shanbo as the main body and the story of Liang-Zhu as the main clue, the park is composed of a good many scenic spots, including Kwan-yin Hall, Spouse Bridge, Conjugal Love Pavilion, Lotus Pond, Nine Dragon Pool, Dragon Valvule Pavilion, Bailing (One Hundred Year Old) Road, the Statue of Liang and Zhu Transformed into Butterflies, the Large-scale Fountain Square, Wansong (Ten Thousand Pines) College and Sacred Gentleman Liang's Temple."