Laodui Brook Panoramic view

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Laodui Brook is one of West Zhejiang Grand Canyon's new attractions with landscapes and cultural resouces(farming culture landscape) blending features. It is located in a section of beach leisure in the Grand Canyon , steep mountains, beautiful scenery. Gradually along the stone steps into the scenic area, both sides of the strange rocks. Finally, "Scarecrow Square", where you can see the real antique: oil tanker, Shueiduei and Watermill. If interested, visitors can also participate in it, to witnessed the entire process. In fact, these old tools of production also points to the origin of the name the Laodui Brook. Here's mountaineers who have lived in the mountains mountainside deep clouds, no electricity no grain processing plants, it took advantage of mountain using streams for power, since the construction of a brook seat Shueiduei to Tsuishine, milling, produce oil, hence the Laodui Brook is named. Keyword: Laodui Brook "Scarecrow Square" steep mountains beautiful scenery