Jiupaojie Panoramic view

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Jiupaojie Panoramas You may travel Jiupaojie with a wonderful panoramic tour. Jiupaojie view spot is also known as Shangxifeng view spot. It is situated in Pingmen town which is in the northern of Chunan County. It is 25 kilometers far from Thousand-island Lake. It is famous for nine various waterfalls situated in it. It is very rare that so many waterfalls situated in one place. So Jiupaojie is known as ‘the king of waterfalls in southern China’. The noise that the nine waterfalls made sounds like someone is shouting. That is the reason why the view spot named as Jiupaojie (Jiupao meaning nine people are shouting). Jiupaojie view spot is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The sceneries in it are naturally beautiful. The Jiupaojie view spot is divided into three parts. They are Shiyuan Gorge, Shangxi Gufeng and Gancaowan Waterfalls. As the Shangxi Gufeng is situated in West Village, it is also called as West Village. The population of West Village is about 300. And most residents’ surname is Wang. It was said that they are the offspring of Wang Xizhi who was a famous calligrapher in Eastern Jin Dynasty. The relics in the village are Wang Family Ancestral Hall, stone tablet and so on. Because of the inconvenient traffic, the West Village is cut off from the outside world. And commodity economy has litter influence on the village, so natural economy; traditional culture and relics of the Great Cultural Revolution are well reserved. The people lived in West Village are very kindhearted and the sceneries in there are very beautiful. You will have a new life experience in there. "