Huangshan City Xiangxigu Resort 360 panotour

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360 China - Scenic Spot
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Huangshan City Xiangxigu Resort is located in entrance of Xi Di Ancient Houses, the world's cultural heritage, national 5A-class tourist attractions, China's most attractive towns, villages --- Chinese history and culture town. It is about 800 meters away from the scenic Xiangxigu ,and the only way for tourists, tourist bus, car and from Xidi. From Xidi to Huangshan city to Huangshan Airport will take only 40 minutes time. Xiangxigu Resort project is a Spa Resort (cinnabar spring, very rare in domestic), is a five-star standards and Huizhou architectural style of construction and renovation, the hotel focus on the harmony between man and the environment, is to build a truly green ecology, environmental protection energy-saving resort model. Sitting on 9800 acres of natural, green, ecology, forest, landscape, surrounded by hills, forest green, when the negative ions reach up to more than 50,000. Fully reflects the overall layout of the landscape and nature, ecology, spring, environment closely combine full use of local mountains, water, green resources.