Guanyin Cultural Park 360 virtual travel

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Guanyin Cultural Park is located north of the Zhu Jia Jian island , is one of the six major scenic spots as a important areas. Perhaps the most interesting scene here is 114.9 meters high, the 69 meters high dry painted on the cliff , with an area of 2,000 square meters of Guanyin statue painted murals, the ""Mogao Grottoes on sea"" is of majestic and solemn. In addition, the area within the undulating hills, others include thousand-yard Cliff, fairies pavilian, Paradise Alley and other attractions.   Zhujiajian is historically Putuo's temple origin. In Kangxi danasty , the court permit the Putuo monks to go to zhujiajian to reclaim farmland, building pond reclamation, building temples, the Zhu Jia Jian as an important supplement of Putuo Avalokitesvara. According to legend, the Buddha Guanyin is crossing (now White Mountain) to skip Putuo River, has also left in the White Mountains atop a huge footprint, with Mount Putuo just dubbed right. Keywords:Guanyin Cultural Park Guanyin statue ""Mogao Grottoes on sea"""