Green World Tourism Zone 360 panoramic photo

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Camera Equipment: Nikon, Sigma 8MM       Panorama software Panoweaver 8 Professional Edition
Green World Tourism Zone is located in the Ma Ao Village southern town of Ma Ao, 2 km south of Sanjiang Pier,9 km north of Dinghai District, with convenient transportation. Close to the "Sea Hemudu"99 Mounds National Monument, Ma Ao Museum, San Mao ancestral home, rehabilitation Weng Tong and other historical and cultural monuments. Scenic yard, beautiful scenery, relying lying Foshan 2,000 acres of natural forest resources, the mountains and plains of Bamboo Garden, camphor forest, fruit trees and ponds, streams, springs strung line, evergreen, fruit fragrance,therefore is quiet a elegant natural oxygen bar. The tourism zone in the architectural and eco-friendly concept, the bamboo, wood tour trail and bamboo huts and other attractions mix with nature: clear water rippling pond among mountain, substantially different style farmhouse tearoom, scattered with rank Takeyama pavilion, as well as eco-casual bamboo roof and proudly homemade entertainment facilities, therefore is the perfect place for lung fitness. Keywords:Green World Tourism Zone beautiful scenery elegant natural oxygen bar perfect place for lung fitness