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360 China - Natural Landscape
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When the bright moon scatters tender light in the Geyuan Garden, those bamboos will throw their and tranquil and elegant shadows o¬n the ground, and look, what can you see? Yes, the shadow of the bamboo leaves resembles the Chinese character “ge”, and this is why this garden is called “Geyuan Garden”. In numerous gardens of Yangzhou, most of which were built in Qing Dynasty, Geyuan Garden is the best-preserved and most valuable o¬ne with longest history. The garden is not large, but it has exquisite and delicate arrangements. Walking in the tranquil garden, you will be soon attracted by its artificial landscape. The garden is especially prestigious with its rockworks and bamboos. Strictly constructed and creatively designed, the Geyuan Garden is unique in China and o¬ne of the most famous gardens of Yangzhou. Geyuan Garden, o¬ne of the four best gardens in China and the magnum opus of private gardens in Qing Dynasty, is well known as the o¬nly extant of gardening art for its Four-season Rockeries. The architect of Geyuan Garden had distinguished acuity of the figures and colors of rocks. In Geyuan Garden, different prospects in four seasons are constructed with rocks. Therefore, the rockeries are so rich, colorful and winning visitors frequently tend to feel themselves facing true mountains.