Fuquan Mountain 360 panoramic photo

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Fuquan Mountain Introduction Introduction Fuquan Mountain scenic area lies on the hill country southeast of Dongqian Lake and is a nature-featured holiday resort integrating tea culture, philosophy of happiness and Buddhism in nature. From the mountain you can enjoy sunrise or sea waves on the sea or the rolling tea fields. The project concerns building the Fuquan Dragon Pool Club in a basin in due east of Fuquan Mountain scenic area and south of Wanghai Peak. This will be a modern and upscale club designed by through artistic manipulations and tailored to natural environment. The project intends to introduce a partner for joint development by transfer of land or other means. Fuquan Mountain Features Highlights The Phoenix lake scenic spot of Fuquan Mountain is surrounded by the tea sea . The tea sea wriggles faraway; the gradation of high tea trees and lower is distinct and orderly. Terrace Tea ridge, the largest branch plantation in the tea farms of Fuquan Mountain, is build up according to its ladder shape. Its earth is from the mountain itself and is transported by human labor, which is rare when compared with other tea plantations. There is a pavilion half way up the mountain, named Lake Observatory, where you can overlook an extensive view of Dong Qian Lake, and on the top of the mountain there is another pavilion, named sea observatory, where you can overlook an extensive view of the East China Sea. you will appreciate a beautiful panoramic view while zigzagging along the mountain high-way to the top. Fuquan Mountain Tickets Fuquan Mountain fee and opening hours Admission 25yuan, 20yuan/member Opening hours all day Fuquan Mountain Transportation Traffic: Bus 901,901,365,106,388,621,906,960 Car: Hangyong highway –Dazhujiakou-Ningbo exit "