Fairview Cave Feng Shui 360 panoramic image

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Camera Equipment: Nikon, Sigma 8MM       Panorama software Panoweaver 8 Professional Edition
"Fairview Cave Feng Shui One of the largest both land and water caves, it is 116 meters high ""jiutian Fly Dragon"" , called it ""the first nine dragon wall"". Feng Shui is more than 1200 meters, the area of 9,200 square meters. Visit the twists and turns road run, throw up or down significantly, can watch along the ""Pangu rift"", ""dam waterfall curtain"", ""agate jade wall"", ""stone clothing snow Lotus"" and ""jiutian Dragon"" and other more than 40 groups, or the spectacular karst cave landscape, or fine. Especially 100,000 flowers around the cave stone flower , Shi pearl , the best karst cave landscape . Over more than 20 m waterfall in the hole are rare for the national. Last ride on the only water electric trains along the 320-metre long underground river of return."