East Gate to North Gate Wall Panorama

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Ancient East Gate is a scenic area located in the east side of Fenghuang Ancient Town. And it was originally called Shengheng Gate as one of the four town gate in Fenghuang Ancient Town. The East Gate Tower is close to Tuo River, built in the 54 year (1715) during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty (1,616 A.D.-1,911 A.D.). Fenghuang East Gate to North Gate Wall Taking the front gate in Beijing City as example, the East Gate Tower is a two-storied architecture. The lower section of the town gate is made of the mauve sandstone, and the upper section is made of the old bricks. It is 3.5 meters wide and 4 meters high. It looks like a semi-arch. The frame structure of the tower is a combination of the ""beam supporting structure"" and the ""through type timber frame"". With a 3.5 meters width and 4 meters height, the tower has two doors enwrapped by two pieces of sheet iron, and there are round nails riveted perfectly on the gate, which are very solid. The Gate tower is 11 meters (36 feet) high with two layers of crenels above the gate, 8 in all, which is very delicate and splendid with upturned eaves and uplifting angles. When entering into the main hall of East Gate Tower, visitors will see a statue of Guanyu. Guanyu was a famous and great figure during the Three Kingdom period. He was a general of the Shu Kingdom. Besides the state of Guanyu, two sub-generals Zhou Chang and Guan Ping are set by his sides respectively. "