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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Doo Rock Scenic Area is located in southwest of Zhu Ji City, 15 km away from downtown and Wuxie scenic, the scenic area cover ​​80,000 square kilometers. The main peak is Dou Yan, and its former name is steep rock, intended to show its suddenly standing, towering staight up. The descendants call it Ring mountainous places because it look like heaven star arranged in columns, then was renamed the Bucket Rock. Touring Bucket Rock, having fun in climbing. Fangdouyan is known for its strange mountains, steep rocks, stone, caves, clear springs. Climate is cool, perennial misty, looming mountain, giving a sense of mystery. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking, unforgettable experience. Danxia is of special geological features , formed by cliffs, therefore ideal for tourists climbing adventure, fitness and recreation. In July 2001 it was honored by the Chinese Mountaineering Association as "National climbers climbing training base." Fangdouyan is full of green trees, the forest coverage rate reached 72 percent, with more than 130 kinds of trees, there are over a century old camphor, incense, and a thousand years of crape myrtle . At the foot of the mountain plains, there are farmland surrounded by beautiful pools, scenic with "farmhouse" activities, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery climbing, and feel idyllic scenery and farm life. Keywords:Doo Rock Scenic Area Zhu Ji City National climbers climbing training base