Daci Rock 360 panoramic photo

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Camera Equipment: Nikon, Sigma 8MM       Panorama software Panoweaver 8 Professional Edition
"Daci Rock The Daci Rock (Rock of Great Mercy) is located within the Jiande Town of Hangzhou, on the verge of the Thousand-Island Lake, and is the only mountain attraction in the golden sightseeing tour route of ""Fuchun River, Xin'an River and Thousand-Island Lake"". The Daci Rock combines beautiful scenery with Buddhism culture, forming a rare natural spectacle that ""the mountain is a Buddha and the Buddha is a mountain"". The 147-meter-high natural Buddha is the ""largest natural standing Buddha in China"", reputed as the ""superb wonder in China"". In addition, the ""Suspending Temple in south China"" on the Daci Rock and the Brook in Long Valley are also famous far and near."