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360 China - Natural Landscape
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The area is of peak, stone as features, and the temple, the hole as the main views. The elevation of the peak is 540 meters, the highest peak is the Kuril Zhoushan. Stone - is Stonehenge, rock formations are over the mountain , composing a "White House pilgrimage" big landscape, mighty, toward the salvation of the "Guanyin stone" forward. Temple - the holy Temple, at an altitude of 460 m on mountain Ao, was the highest position in Zhoushan Kuril monastery. Cave - is An Qi alchemy hole, at an altitude of 482 meters above a natural cave is hidden Qin Shi-term health of the monastic alchemy. This peak, stone, four holes are Zhoushan uniqueness. This area has the green mountains, windly rivers, strange rocks, special mountains, quiet atmospher , the air is crispys, therefor is a good place for vacation and convalescence. Keywords: Kuril Zhoushan White House pilgrimage Guanyin stone