360 tourpano of Taizhou Fengcheng River

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Taizhou is a city on the water. Water is a feature of Taizhou and soul. Taizhou nurtured generations of people Fengcheng River, acres of waters around the city around, Jiangsu Province, one of the few extant of the ancient city of more complete river. Boating on the river, you will fully appreciate the "Southern Tang state building" in the history of heavy. Fengcheng River, sides, Taoyuan area in Taizhou, a collection of more than 30 attractions of history, drama, folklore, cultural characteristics of the four merchants. Wanghai scenic landscape within the core, was built in the Song, Ming and Qing reconstruction, more collar JAC glory, Great Masters Wen Huaisha elderly called "JAC first floor." Building Western Hall, contains the history of the early Northern Song Teng Jing built. Column when the Northern Song Dynasty official in Thailand, and then promoted to prime minister of Yan Shu, Fan Chung-yen, FU Bi, Han Qi, Lv Yijian five-phase historical data, break and plant the "five-phase tree"; Li Wu Chinese Academy of sculpture by Fan Chung-yen bronze statue of the mountain, combined with the existing within the area for thousands of years of ancient Han Song Dynasty chow sites and other attractions, all full of Taizhou, "state building Southern Tang, Wen Song, city Minghuan cross-heavy" the glorious history. Wanghailou river in Taoyuan area, take creative Kong Shangren ignited Taizhou Chen Temple, "Peach Blossom Fan," meaning, and Taizhou Plum theater, Liuyuan assessment, then linked to three parks line to form a "culture of opera Sam Ka 'unique cultural tourist attractions, wander, just like walking in the corridor Chinese opera culture. Area, the Phoenix girl, flying Bell, powdered soup bridges a beautiful folklore same people forget. Taoyuan east six hundred meters long, the granite streets, brick and black tiles, displaying the Ming and Qing to the Republic of Taizhou ancient streets, water bags, water foreskin, theater book market, Taizhou city's grass-roots culture here to do now. The sites have been designated as national AAAA level scenic spot