360 tourpano of Sanshan Island

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Sanshan Island has both delicious eats and beautiful scenery. Located near Tailu Lake, tourists can have the famous "Three Whites in Tailu Lake", which means white fish, white shrimp and silver fish as well as Tailu crabs and soft-shelled turtle. October is the season for oranges. The local oranges here are famous nationwide for their sweetness. Suzhou falls within north subtropical monsoonal climate zone with abundant rainfall, clear seasons and temperate and humid climate. The four seasons are suitable for travel, especially from April to October. Sanshan Island Features Highlights While Sanshan Island has winding creeks and small bridges, it also has a natural scenery dominated by rocks. There are even some that look like the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The place also hosts a museum featuring fossils of various mammals, such as the macaque, Chinese black bear and gorilla as well as some animals dating back to 12,000 years ago. Tickets are 45 yuan including admission to all scenic spots o­n the island. Sanshan Island Tickets Sanshan island fee and opening hours Admission 45yuan, free for adult 70+,child under1.2m, half price for adult 60+ opening hours 7:30-18:00 Sanshan Island Transporation Traffic Take Huning Express Way and switch to Sujiahang Express Way at Guanduli hub. Head for Jiangxing and switch to Suzhou Raocheng Expressway at Yinshan hub. Go in the direction of Dongshan and exit at Dongshan Daokou. Switch to Mudong Gonghu and head to Dongshan.