360 panotour of Huqiu Park

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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No trip to Suzhou would be complete if it didn't include a trip to Huqiu, or Tiger Hill, located in the suburbs of the old Suzhou city. Tiger Hill is renowned as the "Number One Scenery of the Kingdom of Wu." The hill is 36 meters in height and covers an area of about 14,100 square meters. A number of historic attractions, including some dating back 2,500 years, as old as the city of Suzhou, are located on the hill. Throughout history, many famous writers, poets, and celebrities have let flow their unreserved praise of Tiger Hill. A famous Song Dynasty poet, Su Dongpo once said, "It is a lifelong pity to have gone to Suzhou without a visit to Tiger Hill." People traditionally described Tiger Hill as illustrated in "Nine Scenes", namely, that Tiger Hill is best viewed "under the Moon, in the Snow, in the Rain, in the Mist, in Midsummer, in Refreshing Autumn, in a Spring Morning, in a late Autumn Day with Fallen Leaves, and at Sunset." All of Tiger Hill's major attractions are situated within a few steps from the main road that leads up the hill, making it quite easy to find your way around the park.