360 panoramic view of Mount Qiyun

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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"Mt.Qiyun, together with the Yellow Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain, has always enjoyed the reputation of “Three Famous Mountains in Southern Anhui”. Over about 500 years ago, one emperor in Chinese history praised it as the first mountain in south of Yangtze River. And since 1,300 years ago, it has been chosen as one of the “Four Taoism Holy Lands” in China. Mt.Qiyun covers a scenic area of 110 square kilometers. It is the rising part of the Yellow Mountain extending southwest to the edge of Southern Anhui Basin. The mountain ranges from northeast to southwest, with highest peak of 585 meters above sea level. Composed by purplish and erinaceous rock and grit, the mountain has been shaped into the unique “Red Cloud Land Form” by long-time weathering and erosion. At present, there has been 300 scenic spots in Qiyun Mount, among which are 50 wonderful peaks, 49 odd rocks, 16 deep caves, 46 nice stream and 25 places of ridges, stairs and terraces. All these go into the making of the natural beauty here. The three major scenic areas are: Yuehua Street, Yunyan Lake and Longshang Lou. "