360 degree panorama of Nanbei Lake Scenic Spot

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360 China - Natural Landscape
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Camera Equipment: Nikon, Sigma 8MM       Panorama software Panoweaver 8 Professional Edition
"Nanbei Lake Scenic Spot The Nanbei Lake embraces a spectacular tract of hill-lake-and-sea scenery in southeastern China. It is one of the first provincial parks in Zhejiang Province and also one of the first national parks in China. It is located in Haiyan County of Zhejiang, north coast of Hangzhou Bay. It is in the vicinity of many modern cities. It is 120 kilometers away from Shanghai, 80 kilometers away from Hangzhou and 110 kilometers away from Suzhou. The Nanbei Lake is very famous in the southeast part of the China for its uniqueness and attractiveness. It not only becomes the backyard of Shanghai but also the sister of the West Lake in Hangzhou. The hills by the lake are not very high, but they arise one upon another; the lake is not very deep but it zigzags along the hills. In the past few years, a lot of efforts have been made to make the lake more and more charming, therefore more and more tourists have been coming to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake."