WYSO at Steamtown National Historic Site

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Virtual tour by
Steven Lichak
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Virtual Tour - Museum
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Between post-WW II until his death on September 14, 1994, Frank Wysochansky the anthracite outsider artist, “WYSO®” produced over 5,000 works of art and thousands of cartoons. Working furiously, using pen, ink, watercolor, Crayola crayon and sculptural forms. He spread melted crayons across canvases and carved out images. Creating figural sculptures from Bondo, an inexpensive automotive body repair product that he worked around armatures such as chicken bones, light bulbs, bags of sand and wire coat hangers. WYSO® was one of twelve children born to Ukrainian immigrants. His father, Joseph, was a coal miner who lost his life in a mining accident. It was WYSO’s intimate knowledge of miners and their families that was to influence his art throughout his life. WYSO® represents a common man with uncommon talents and vision, an American treasure, who portrays events through the eyes of immigrants forging a new life during challenging times, yet ever embracing their faith and love of God and their ancestral heritage.