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Virtual Tour - Indoor
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Many travelers tend to take a look at hotel rooms before they make a reservation, hotel virtual tour created by virtual tour software will show you your reserved room’s conditions. The map with hotspots will also show you which service does the hotel provide. You can find the multifunctional room, the bar, the swimming pool and the tennis court locations and click to see their 360 panoramic images.
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craig james
North Canton, Ohio USA
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Munich / Germany
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Southern Africa
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Emad Sendi
Saudi Arbia - Makkah
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360 kia
tehran, iran
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John Pagán
United States
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Jeffrey Diamond
Southern California
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Jim Musser
United States
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Brian Batchelder
Whangarei, New Zealand
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randy arnold
Chilliwack,BC, Canada
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South Korea
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Mamoon Musadiq
Birmingham - uk
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Denis Knutov
Russian Federation
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