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sayedmahdi135 2015-09-02:
ahmed hegazi
ahmed hegazi 2015-06-14:
hung pham
hung pham 2014-12-20:
very nice
Juan Q.
Juan Q. 2014-07-07:
Very god!
Evan Mitchell
Evan Mitchell 2014-05-19:
love the music
Andriy Sadovuy
Andriy Sadovuy 2014-03-16:
I absolutely love it, very nice view!
Den Nizovcev
Den Nizovcev 2013-09-17:
this is not the full version of the tour. The full version is here - Thank you for watching!
Den Nizovcev
Den Nizovcev 2013-08-01:
Hi! Thank you John! I'm happy heariang this! I'm sorry, but what do you mean by 360 of the crowd?
John Shelton
John Shelton Reply Den Nizovcev 2013-08-01:
Hi Den It looks like you have taken a single photo of the crowd as there is no blurring. If you have taken lots of shots and stitched them together, how did you do it with people moving around all the time ?
Den Nizovcev
Den Nizovcev Reply John Shelton 2013-08-02:
Hi John! No, it's not the single photo :) As usual we've taken 7 photos and stich it. But I understand what surprised you. When our photographer shooting he is waiting for apropriate moment to take the photo and there are no problems with bluring. Such problems take place when there are not enought lighting and you're shooting at high exposure. That moment we can have 5 more photos for one direction and while stiching we're choosing the best ones'
John Shelton
John Shelton Reply Den Nizovcev 2013-08-06:
Hi Den Thank you for sharing your technique.It certainly works very well. Excellent job.
Den Nizovcev
Den Nizovcev Reply John Shelton 2013-08-07:
Thank You!
John Shelton
John Shelton 2013-07-31:
Hi Great Tour. What technique did you use to get a 360 of the crowd please ? Thanks
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